Apple rumored to ditch the charger on the iPhone 12

Over the past week, rumors have been circulating that the upcoming iPhone 12 won’t have a wall charger or EarPods in the box. Most tech bloggers out there seem to be quite upset about this decision, but we stand with Dieter Bohn from The Verge who says good riddance. Most people already own multiple chargers, and owning a good power bank that can charge all your devices, can also help cut down on e-waste. A new charger will most likely end up in a drawer or in the trash anyway.

As M.G Siegler writes, Apple’s motives are most likely due to Margins, Shipping, Transition to a portless new iPhone, and environment. Whatever the motives are, we agree that Apple will need to offer a solution for those out there who don’t have stacks of chargers at home like offering a free charger, or store credit of equal value. You could alternatively buy an Omnicharge power bank. All our latest generation chargers include both wireless charging, and fast wired charging, and most can even charge your laptop. You can head over to our store here to check out our latest offerings.

If you’re interested in reading more about Apple’s rumored move away from chargers, you can check out the verge article in the link below.

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