Our support team recently received this email which was so moving they had to share

”My wife thought I was NUTS for spending $200 on a power bank,” says Blaise, father of a boy with non-verbal autism.

He and his wife have faced several challenges since their son was born. He has a minimal vocabulary, however, with the assistance of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices (iPads and Windows tablets), he can now communicate his wants and needs effectively. The issue he faces now comes to the battery life of the devices.

”We have tried many different power banks and found that they would provide power but could not stand up to the rigorous duty cycles that our son put them through. The Omnicharge 20+ is the only one that lets him charge his Windows tablet directly off the power bank, either through the AC plug or the barrel jack. We purchased the first Omnicharge unit back in 2017, and it has survived until now. We happily purchased a replacement, and we look forward to another few years of range anxiety-free enjoyment. Thanks for building a product that has enhanced the life of our special boy.”

Thank you Blaise for trusting our products and for sharing your story with us.

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