CDC guidelines heavily emphasize schools reopening in the fall

With the latest guidelines from the CDC, emphasizing the importance of sending students back to schools, many are asking how students will be able to stay socially distanced in their classrooms. The guidelines explain the social, emotional, and mental risks of keeping students at home and provide instructions on how to resume in-person classes with instructions, like practicing good hygiene, disinfecting surfaces regularly, and spacing out students to maintain social distancing.

They have also recommended using unused or underused buildings or moving classes outside when possible. To many, this can pose a challenge as many students rely on laptops and require nearby outlets to keep them powered. This is difficult both indoors and outdoors as students cannot group around outlets, and need to stay socially distanced.

One option to resolve this issue is to use laptop grade power banks to keep equipment charged, allowing students to stay distanced and powered even when outside. Check out our latest version of the Omnicharge Power Station which houses 10 Omni 20+ units and allows for self-checkout through the mobile or tablet app.

You can also read this great article about how schools have beat past plagues with outdoor classes.

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