Will flexible office spaces become the new normal?

With COVID forcing office spaces to remain closed, companies are taking the time to rethink what they will look like when they finally open back up to their employees. The past year of remote working has many people challenging the way we think about traditional office spaces and whether we need to work in a fixed, permanent position daily. ‘People naturally like to work in different environments throughout the day, depending on what they’re doing’, Matt Harris, head of workplace and technology at Envoy Inc, recently told the Wall Street Journal. They want dynamic spaces where they can socialize, collaborate, and innovate, and enterprises seem to be moving in that direction. Even prior to the 2020 COVID pandemic, 75% of FTSE 100 companies had already implemented some form of flexible workspace in their company property portfolio. This is the case for Envoy Inc, which has been offering for the past year and a half employees an array of spaces in which to work such as desks for focus or collaboration-arranged seating.

The trend doesn’t seem to stop here, JLL predicts that 30% of all office spaces will be consumed flexibly by 2030. And as Armen Vartanian, senior VP of global workplace service at Okta Inc. recently told the Wall Street Journal: ‘For me it’s fairly clear we’re going to move to this model across every industry, even the more traditional ones.’

Now it’s been a rough year for commercial real estate, particularly coworking spaces. This comes as a result of start-ups and freelancers opting to work from home, while larger corporations are canceling memberships to cut costs. The best suited to survive will be those who adapt and are able to offer creative, flexible solutions to socially distanced collaboration.

So how do you navigate the waters of socially distanced spaces in a post-covid era?

For many, a new socially distanced office layout can cause significant problems to workflow and productivity. Most traditional spaces are not designed to accommodate this kind of layout and many desks will be without power.

With the Omnicharge Power Station, you can provide portable power to your employees, allowing them to work wherever they like. This flexibility allows you to spread out without worrying about power access. You are also not committing to any fixed infrastructure changes, the Power Station can easily be picked up and moved and only requires a single power cable to operate.

The Power Station provides easy access to 10 Omni 20+ batteries, a lightweight, portable power solution that can power all your devices. Each Omni 20+ provides laptop charging, wireless phone charging and can in most cases double the battery life of your laptop.

If you are interested in making your space more flexible, get in touch with our team here.

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